Macro lego

In this project, it was a partner assignment so me and my partner Danni Z. had to take pictures of legos but make them seem like they were actual people. We had to use the rule of thirds in this project. The challenge was to find the right spot. If I did more scene I would make a boat, One driving a car, playing around, in a city walking and running in a track.

Sight Seeing
Working in the power plant and doing maintenance
In the Hot Tub

Catch the Action

In this project we had to do what the title says catch someone in an action that can’t be a pose. I had to plan each photo before it happens since it needs to be done in a certain way. And you have to get a good angle since the photo needs to be have a nice motion that would explain the image. If someone takes a image like this or a one in action find something interesting for the person to do. As you see the subject in this photo is sliding down a rail on the stairs which is very different.

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The project was to focus on the small things and not just the large things of the world should be looked at its the small things that count. I had a great time taking these photos they were needed to be taken at different angles compared to normal. The problem with this problem was to take very high quailty photos. And one of the last problems was to get good lighting. If I could I would try to take a photo of the moon if I could since it memorizes me.

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Framing The Subject

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`This a project was all about the getting frames that you can find out in the open. To add then it would have to use a person or an object in the middle of all of it. This project and rule of thirds go hand and hand to show u what to do and make a picture interesting. This is my favorite photo due to the fact that it shows the frame and is a blurry frame and focus on the object. The composition of the photo has challenge since you have to find a good angle.

Rule Of Thirds

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With this assignment it was a struggle to find where to take to take the pictures but once you have found them it looks easy. And for rule of thirds is when a the main focus on the is not in the center and there is another thing to look at. And the lines made it easy to put a the person or place to balance the picture and put things in places. I thought this was going to be a lot eaier than what it was and once I found it out.

Portraits With A Black Background

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To take our photos it was a struggle at first since they just didn’t look right since the shutter speed was to slow and the ISO was just completely wrong. After our first 20 photos we got it right but after the photos came out just right. I think the lighting made it amazing which let me have a glow. Also the lighting was key to make it look great.

1 Object 5 shots

With this assignment it is very hard at first but after you found a spot it was easy. You had to find 3 objects and 5 shots of them each in different angles, which would make a total of 15 pictures. This assignment’s hardest object was the camera because of the of I didn’t know which shots I should have taken. This project taught me how to take different shots at different angles that are kinda odd but they worked out.

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24 Colors

This project was all about matching crayons to a background that’s the same color as the crayon. It was difficult for me because in school there are majority dull colors over finding bright and loud colors like the crayon, but I tried and I made it work out. I found positioning the camera and editing the pictures easy for me. Also the dull colors such as black, grey, white, etc. were easy and didn’t take that that much time to find. This photo was my favorite since the globe had this simular pink but it had different tones which made the crayon stand out and take the center stage and the background helped out to made the picture to grab attention.

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