Light Graffiti

To take pictures we had to put the IOS on really low. We put the camera on bulb mode and left it open until we were done creating a picture. Using a video of colors changing and waving it around worked really well. When we painted the person doing the light graffiti it didn’t work very well and it showed the background. I think it would be cool if we took the pictures outside. To look at my other photos click here.

Lego Photography

Frog and pig gardening.

For this project, we had to take pictures of lego people but make them seem as if they were doing everyday tasks. We have to use the rule of thirds and close up photography. We had to take the pictures and make them seem like they were taken at eye level which is challenging because they’re so small. I would like to make the lego people look like they’re in a boat.

Pig made a mess!
Trick-Or-Treating at night

Action Project

For this project, we had to take unusual action pictures that couldn’t be replicated easily. We had to go outside to take the pictures because inside the pictures were blurry. To set the pictures up I started a burst and had the person do the action. To take action photos, come up with interesting actions to make it stand out. A sport I think is cool to photograph is swimming but when the picture is taken from underwater. To see the pictures I took click here.

Framing Your Subject

For this project we had to find an object and frame it around a subject. For this picture we used the railing and put Caroline “in” it, to highlight her. This project is different that the rule of thirds project because in the rule of thirds we had to make the composition more interesting by taking it from a unique angles and putting the subject in another place other than the middle and in this project we could put our subject in the middle but we had to find something to frame the subject with. This picture is my favorite because I think it looks really unique and I think we did a good job framing her. One of the challenges was trying to find an interesting object to frame with. To see my other pictures click here.

Rule of Thirds

I used different angles made the picture more interesting and unique. When taking pictures front on they were less interesting. My thoughts changed because I thought it would be harder to take photos but it’s not very hard. On the caution sign picture, I placed the sign in the top left corner and lined it up with the top left point. When I took the picture of Mary I placed her on the top left corner. You can look at the other pictures here.

Endless Background

To take the photos we had to turn the lights off (for the black one) and adjust the ISO. To edit the photos I cropped both black and white background and for the white background, I made the pictures black and white. When we used the light on the black background directly it would cause light spots. When we put a sheet of paper on the back of the light it lit up us and not the background. White background pictures here.
Black background pictures here.

5 Shots

For this assignment I had to take picture of three objects from 5 different angles. For one object I chose a computer mouse, it was the hardest to photograph because it looks very similar from most far away angles. It was challenging to get interesting angles and not ones that all look the same. I learned that taking pictures from different angles makes pictures more unique. Look at my other pictures here.