Lego Pics

We had to get close and make it seem like it was in a lego sized world. We used the skills to get close and use good lighting and surroundings. Deciding what lego’s to use. Maybe like a giant battlebut we cannot use weapons.

Here are my pics no google drive this time

Here a lego man is going for a hike
Taking a quick drive through the jungle
Wow the world looks small from up here

Close Up pics

Hello welcome this time we had to get close up pictures without zooming in and this was my favorite out of the 10. A lot of stuff outside for some reason worked better than inside. Not really issues it was just better to find interesting things that we could get close to outside. And there were no problems with the camera’s. a rare plant or something like that or a very vibrant thing just almost anything.

Here is the link

Framing Pictures

In this project we had to go out and find natural frames and use them in our pictures. The difference between this and rule of thirds is that it didn’t have to be on the side. The challenges is trying to find good unique frames. Down here is example and my favorite. I like it because there are not a lot of things with that color and it is pretty simple with just 2 lines and the object in the middle. This is the link to see my pictures

Click Here to see more photos